Christopher AP Fitts, Attorney


I am a solo practitioner. I work closely with my clients to develop their estate plan. Most of my clients opt to create a revocable living trust to manage their affairs.

The fee for a Simple Will starts at $150.

The most common estate plan package includes: durable power-of-attorney, living will, healthcare power-of-attorney, pour-over will, and revocable living trust. Starting price (for a single person with few assets) is $400. For Estate Plans with one homestead single-family property the price is $600, this includes drafting and recording a new deed with the Clerk of Court.

I make myself available through text message, email, and phone to make sure my clients feel comfortable with their plan, which means I’m accessible to answer and research my clients’ many questions and concerns. If I were to charge an hourly rate many of my clients would find an Estate Plan unaffordable. I usually spend a minimum of about 8-12 hours for a non-complex Estate Plan. Signing and arranging witnesses adds additional time. If there are documents to record with the Clerk of Court, that too is additional time.

I have office hours by appointment. My clients come from all corners of Florida, and for many meeting at my office is not practical, and nor is it often practical for local clients, which is why I rely on electronic communications. I also meet clients remotely at their home, office, or some other convenient location (i.e. Dunkin Donut’s, Panara Bread, etc.).

Please remember that Estate Plans are very personal with unique concerns and situations, and as such please feel free to contact me to discuss pricing and expectations. I will work with you regardless of your location throughout the State of Florida.

If your budget is constrained I will work with you.

If you are pro se (doing it yourself for estate planning, divorce, or any legal matter), I’m available for consultation at a rate of $35 per hour for the first initial hour (prepaid non-refundable), and then at a rate of $17 per half-hour (prepaid non-refundable). I will be your law coach and librarian and not actual represent you; however, if at some point you feel you desire legal representation, we can evaluate your matter, and negotiate a limited scope of representation, or full out legal representation.

Registered with State of Florida Unclaimed Property, Florida Treasure Hunt.